The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law and Policy


Kyoto University Graduate School of Law, Deloitte Tohmatsu, and Atsumi & Sakai Prototype Policy Research Institute begin joint research and development of interactive AI added.

Began research on the development of Digital Human, an interactive AI that acts like Professor Inatani of Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Law, and its use in teaching and training students and young professionals, and in legal consultation.

Kyoto University (Kyoto, Japan; President: Nagahiro Minato; hereinafter “Kyoto University”), Deloitte Tohmatsu Group (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Group CEO: Kenichi Kimura; hereinafter “Deloitte Tohmatsu”) and Atsumi Sakai & Co. (“Atsumi & Sakai”) Prototype Policy Institute will jointly launch research and development of interactive AI using large-scale language models (LLMs). Specifically, they will study the use and risks of digital humans that learn the books and ways of thinking of a specific person and behave like that person in education, on-the-job training, legal consultation, and other settings.