The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law and Policy


Support for young researchers

New posts: specially appointed researchers and specially appointed assistant professors at the Center

The Center hired six specially appointed researchers, and will hire one specially appointed assistant professor as needed. By taking consideration of their respective career paths, the Center tries to substantiate its support for young researchers by providing opportunities for them to involve in cutting-edge collaborative researches at the Center.

Employment of TA and RA at the Center

The Center provides opportunities to graduate students to involve in the education and research activities at the Center as TA and RA. The Center aims at cultivating young researchers who strive for academic posts by providing economic supports to them.

Exposure of graduate and undergraduate students to cutting-edge researches

Research conferences and lectures regarding cutting-edge law policy issues are conducted at the Center. By providing opportunities to know the cutting-edge researches, these activities invoke research interests in the cutting-edge law and policy issues, and facilitate development of human resources to make policy decisions.

Special Research Student System

Please refer to this link regarding the Special Research Student System operated by the Graduate School of Law at Kyoto University.