The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law and Policy


Industry-government-academia Collaboration

The Center aims to offer specific suggestions on the design and operation of legal systems by exploring the “cutting-edge law and policy issues” through international and disciplinary approaches while integrating practical knowledge into the vital fields of legal studies and politics.

The Graduate School of Law and the Law School at Kyoto University have contributed to promoting education and research that combine theories and practices by collaborating with excellent practitioners. However, many of the current legal issues cannot be solved by the static legal interpretation after the disputes arise but require the implementation and design of a dynamic legal system that preempts disputes.

In order to solve these new legal issues and provide practical resolutions with a thorough analysis of legal theories and empirical policy research, it is necessary to tackle the ongoing and foreseeable phenomenon occurring on actual sites of the industry field and during the process of policymaking. Hence, professors from the Center collaborate with a variety of industry and government practitioners and develop multiple joint research projects.

If you would be interested in our collaborative research, please kindly contact the administrative office of the Center without hesitation.